Exotic Cuisine: Indian Delicacies that Leave You Craving For More

Indian food is known all over the world for its mouthwatering taste and strong flavors. You do not have to travel to India to taste the wonderful and astoundingly wide variety of Indian dishes. Indian food is now available everywhere in the world because of the people of Indian origin staying abroad. Melbourne and its suburbs like Ferntree Gully have many Indian restaurants. The best Indian takeaway Ferntree Gully has offers a large variety of Indian delicacies for eating at the restaurant and/or for taking away and eating elsewhere.


Best Indian Takeaway Ferntree Gully


Items you can taste at the Indian restaurants


Indian food includes many varieties as India is a very big country with diverse cultures and cuisines. The best Indian takeaway Ferntree Gully has offers varieties of dishes, which contain entrees, main course, desserts, and salads. Some of the items which you can find at the best Indian takeaway in Ferntree Gully are cottage cheese based entrees like paneer tikka and paneer pakora, onion and potato pakoras, chicken tikka, samosas, kebabs, cutlets-veg and non-veg, butter chicken, chicken curry, chilli chicken, a variety of beef and fish entrees. The main course items include chicken, lamb, prawn and fish based dishes cooked with aromatic condiments and spicy flavors. South Indian dishes like idli, dosa, uttapam, upma, etc. can also be tasted.


Typical North-Indian or Punjabi dishes like paneer makhani, vegetable jalfrazi, kofta curry, dal makhani, makai ki roti and sarson da saag which are eaten with bread like naan, kulcha, parantha and roti can be found at the Indian takeaway in Ferntree Gully. Some of the famous Indian desserts that you can order at these takeaway restaurants are frozen desserts like kulfi which is available in many flavors, jalebi, gulab jamun and rosogolla. Along with all these, there are varieties of salads, rice, and drinks available too.


Demand for Indian food in Australia


Indian food is very popular in Australia not only among the people of Indian origin living there but among other Australians too because of the burst of flavors that it offers. Indian street foods like charts, puchkas and pakoras are loved by Australians too. Australia is known for its cosmopolitan taste in food as all kinds of cuisines are adopted by the people who are connoisseurs of food. Indian food is made healthier by the Ferntree Gully best Indian takeaway restaurants with the use of gluten-free ingredients and less oil. However, the food retains its punch of flavors. As is the case with all cuisines, the Indian cuisine also has received an Australian touch in its cooking technique and way of presentation to increase its appeal among a wide variety of people.


Places that offer Indian food options


There are innumerable restaurants and cafes offering Indian food exclusively all over Australia. You can find the best Indian takeaway Ferntree Gully wide by visiting websites like http://indianroganjosh.com.au/ and can also browse through the menu. Here, you can either book a table or opt for a takeaway facility.




Indian food is liked by people all over the world. The Indians living in Australia who are missing Indian food can visit such restaurants and find their favorite food in Australia too. If you have not tasted Indian food until now, then you should do so today itself. Bon appetite!

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