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Cosmetic Surgery 101: The Beauty Boons and Banes of Brow and Eyeliner Tattooing

In the world of makeup, there’s a saying that states your eyebrows are not sisters, but cousins. This means that it is quite difficult to make your eyebrows look consistent and equal. Doing eyebrows is one of the most common, but most difficult things to do in the world of makeup artistry. There are also many products today created solely for the purpose of perfecting eyebrows. Brow gels, brow powders, brow pomade, brow pencils, and much more can be used just to enhance the look of eyebrows. All over the globe, cosmetic surgery has been observed to focus more on eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo procedures. Perhaps you’re in Australia – you can observe that numerous makeup salons offer these cosmetic surgery procedures, including eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo Melbourne salons offer.

You can’t help but wonder, why are there so many products and procedures dedicated for the brows and eyes?  This is because our eyebrows frame the face and improve our overall look. Also, many girls, unfortunately, have patchy hair growth and monolids.

But as we are all careful about the makeup products we buy, we are just as cautious in considering if undergoing these cosmetic surgery procedures that eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo Melbourne has now are worth dishing out cash for. Undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures is not something to take lightly. This is why some women are also skeptical.

To help you come up with a good decision, this article presents the pros and cons of getting eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo or semi-permanent makeup procedures:

Beauty Boons:

·         Brow products like brow gels, brow powders, brow pomade, and brow pencils have various claims to be smudge-proof, smear-proof, and even waterproof. But girls with patchy eyebrows have known these to only be sad false claims. By submitting yourself to eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo Melbourne salons offer, you can say goodbye (for at least a year) to the hassle of having to apply and/or remove makeup in your daily routine.

·         Aside from being smear and smudge-proof, eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo procedures boast of long lasting results. Semi-permanent eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo procedures last for around one and a half year. After that timeframe, you can have a touch up done for the same flawless effect.

·         By trusting a certified permanent cosmetic professional or CPCP, you will have the guarantee of getting a risk-free procedure. Never entrust your appearance to cheap alternatives and uncertified salons. See more at Designer Cosmetic Tattooing

·         Did you know that this procedure only takes about an hour to complete? The results are immediate! Best of all, you won’t be troubled by a long recovery period since they use topical anesthesia to numb the area.

·         Getting semi-permanent eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo procedures will save you precious daily preparation time and effort, and money on cosmetics in the long run.

Beauty Banes:

·         Your personal pain tolerance might be tested, after all, it is an act of tattooing. However, to reduce the pain, a numbing cream is applied beforehand. After the procedure, the eyebrow area will be slightly swollen and sensitive to the touch, but only for a day or two after the procedure.

·         When it comes to anything involving your facial features, you want to trust a highly experienced CPCP. But their fee will be more expensive.

·         The healing of your tattoo might become itchy since the skin area affected will scab up and fall off. This process takes around two weeks and can be eased with triple antibiotic ointment or the application of Aquaphor lotion.

Plastic Surgery to Restore Your Cosmetic Appearance

Did you suffer a deep scar on your face because of the accident? Never mind, now the surgical procedure is so advanced that the surgeons ensure that the scar is completely removed. With surgery being performed by the Perth’s Best Plastic Surgeon - Paul Quinn, your normal cosmetic appearance will also be restored. As you know, since the recent past several innovative plastic surgical procedures have been evolved to provide quick and assured results to the patients. For example, skin resurfacing (platelet Rich Plasma), fat stem cell grafting, implants, eyelid elevation are some of the new plastic surgical procedures that are aimed to provide the best results to the patients.

Perth's Best Plastic SurgeonClassification of plastic surgical procedure:

If someone wishes to fix certain facial features after an accident, then this surgery is a boon. A few weeks after the surgery, the accident victim is usually able to be back on their feet and not surprisingly in original facial appearance. This highlights the unique characteristics of the plastic surgical procedure. As a matter of fact, plastic surgery is a specialized surgical procedure. This surgical procedure is intended to reconstruct, restore and also alter parts of human body. Microsurgery, burn surgery, Craniofacial surgery, cosmetic surgery, hand surgery, aesthetic surgery are some of the other branches of plastic surgical procedure.

An optional procedure:

Plastic surgery is normally an optional procedure. This is because this surgical procedure aims at restoring or improving the normal physical appearance of the patient. In other words, cosmetic appearance is one of the fundamental aims of cosmetic surgical procedure. Sarah O’Carroll points out that during 2015 in Australia about $644.7 million had been spent on the plastic surgical procedure. This, in turn, underlines the popularity of the plastic surgical procedure in Australia.

Non-invasive plastic surgical procedure:

It may be interesting to note that Perth’s Best Plastic Surgeon – Paul Quinn has adopted non-invasive plastic surgical procedures. This type of surgical procedure has been successfully performed on about 9% of Australian population. The noninvasive procedure does not require lengthy hospitalization; it has fast recovery rate and costs less too.

In order to protect the integrity of the plastic surgical procedure, an organization called as the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons has been formed. The association aims to uphold the ethical standards of plastic surgical procedure. Further, it also provides necessary guidance to the government on matters relating to plastic surgery. In addition to these, the association spreads awareness of plastic surgery among the masses. If you are planning to avail the services of plastic surgeons, you may browse through the website of the Association to find the best plastic surgeon residents recommend near your area.

Plastic surgery for pets:

You may wonder that the plastic surgical procedure is not limited to human beings. Now, the benefit of plastic surgery has been extended to pets too. Such procedures are performed, for example, to reduce wrinkles, rectification of eyebrows, straightening teeth and so on.

Study the pros and cons of surgical procedure:

A plastic surgical procedure is reasonably expensive. However, considering the end benefit the patient derives, namely restoring the cosmetic appearance, the patient would be willing to take up the burden of cost. Further, before undergoing the plastic surgical procedure, in the first place, you should have a detailed discussion with your physician, Perth’s Best Plastic Surgeon – Paul Quinn. Thereafter, you should also discuss the pros and cons of the plastic surgical procedure with the concerned surgeon. You should also carefully go through the reviews of the surgeon and of the hospital where the surgical procedure is proposed to be undertaken.