Cake Decorating – How to Be a PRO

More than the celebrants in an event or occasion, the cakes are the stars of the show. With much attention these beautiful and delicious sweets are getting, many cake decorating supplies Melbourne entrepreneurs offer are getting a lot of attention as well.

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It seems that everyone wants to have their own creations, as inspired by experts. Aside from ordering numerous cake decorating supplies Melbourne has, workshops on cake decorating are also offered. Someone who has the passion for cakes and would love to take it a step further can enroll in one of these classes today. These are just short courses, meaning, they will not consume too much time and energy.

Ever wonder how those exceptional wedding cake toppers were made of, or what processes it went through? Expert bakers and cake styling professionals know all the secrets on creating them. But before becoming a pro yourself, there are decorating essentials you need to learn and master. Below are some of what cake decorating centers have in store for the avid learner.

Beginner’s Course

This is a general course that covers the basics of cake making from baking to icing application. As an introduction, cupcakes are also introduced before heading to the cake itself. The less complicated cakes are not yet utilized in this part of the course. Instead, the basic butter and chocolate will be the main concentration. A typical wedding cake Melbourne bakeshops serve are these basic flavors but with the addition of piping techniques,  chocolate works and icing flowers to mention a few. Generally, this is said to last for four weeks or one month.

Decorating Course

After completing the first lesson, it’s now time to get to the next level of decorating.  The styling techniques involved in this course are said to be the same as those seen in most engagement cakes Melbourne supplies. This refers to the sophisticated stencil decorating that’s done around the entire cake. Black and white are the perfect colors for the technique since it brings the contrast of the shades and produces an elegant effect as a result. Stacking a double-tier cake will also be started so the student will be introduced to handling bigger and much taller cakes. Not anyone can just enroll in this course without any background in techniques involving the creation of paste and icing. That is why it is necessary to take the trainer’s course first.

Piping Technique Course

Piping makes use of different nozzles, in order to come up with different results. Some of these are shell borders, simple stars, rose buds and the chrysanthemum. Most cake decorating supplies Melbourne has focuses on using buttercream as the main icing type for this particular decorating technique. Once different cake decorating techniques are learned and mastered, creating a cake on your own becomes easier and more exciting. With the knowledge of professional pastry chefs and bakers as instructors, a student is bound to become a professional in the soonest possible time! You can even become an entrepreneur.

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