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Exotic Cuisine: Indian Delicacies that Leave You Craving For More

Indian food is known all over the world for its mouthwatering taste and strong flavors. You do not have to travel to India to taste the wonderful and astoundingly wide variety of Indian dishes. Indian food is now available everywhere in the world because of the people of Indian origin staying abroad. Melbourne and its suburbs like Ferntree Gully have many Indian restaurants. The best Indian takeaway Ferntree Gully has offers a large variety of Indian delicacies for eating at the restaurant and/or for taking away and eating elsewhere.

Best Indian Takeaway Ferntree Gully

Items you can taste at the Indian restaurants

Indian food includes many varieties as India is a very big country with diverse cultures and cuisines. The best Indian takeaway Ferntree Gully has offers varieties of dishes, which contain entrees, main course, desserts, and salads. Some of the items which you can find at the best Indian takeaway in Ferntree Gully are cottage cheese based entrees like paneer tikka and paneer pakora, onion and potato pakoras, chicken tikka, samosas, kebabs, cutlets-veg and non-veg, butter chicken, chicken curry, chilli chicken, a variety of beef and fish entrees. The main course items include chicken, lamb, prawn and fish based dishes cooked with aromatic condiments and spicy flavors. South Indian dishes like idli, dosa, uttapam, upma, etc. can also be tasted.

Typical North-Indian or Punjabi dishes like paneer makhani, vegetable jalfrazi, kofta curry, dal makhani, makai ki roti and sarson da saag which are eaten with bread like naan, kulcha, parantha and roti can be found at the Indian takeaway in Ferntree Gully. Some of the famous Indian desserts that you can order at these takeaway restaurants are frozen desserts like kulfi which is available in many flavors, jalebi, gulab jamun and rosogolla. Along with all these, there are varieties of salads, rice, and drinks available too.

Demand for Indian food in Australia

Indian food is very popular in Australia not only among the people of Indian origin living there but among other Australians too because of the burst of flavors that it offers. Indian street foods like charts, puchkas and pakoras are loved by Australians too. Australia is known for its cosmopolitan taste in food as all kinds of cuisines are adopted by the people who are connoisseurs of food. Indian food is made healthier by the Ferntree Gully best Indian takeaway restaurants with the use of gluten-free ingredients and less oil. However, the food retains its punch of flavors. As is the case with all cuisines, the Indian cuisine also has received an Australian touch in its cooking technique and way of presentation to increase its appeal among a wide variety of people.

Places that offer Indian food options

There are innumerable restaurants and cafes offering Indian food exclusively all over Australia. You can find the best Indian takeaway Ferntree Gully wide by visiting websites like and can also browse through the menu. Here, you can either book a table or opt for a takeaway facility.


Indian food is liked by people all over the world. The Indians living in Australia who are missing Indian food can visit such restaurants and find their favorite food in Australia too. If you have not tasted Indian food until now, then you should do so today itself. Bon appetite!

Tips on how to start an ice cream business

ice cream dipping cabinet manufacturers

On Feb. 11, 2015, released statistics on ice cream consumption and the United States led the rest of the world at 26 liters of yearly ice cream consumption on an average by each individual. New Zealand came in second at 23% and Australia rounding up the top three at 18 liters of ice cream per person annually. These are clear indications that ice cream is a growing industry in the world. Also a research that was conducted by International Icecream Association member companies stipulates that vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor at 28%. There is a large number of ice cream equipment that are exported by the ice cream dipping cabinet manufacturers throughout the world, giving a clear indication that everybody loves ice cream. Therefore for anyone that’s looking to start an ice cream business, go ahead! It’s a great idea as the market is ready and diverse ranging from toddlers to senior citizens.

This article is a guide on how you can successfully start that ice cream business you fancy and reap from the crazy profits.

Do some research on the internet

You will need to first do some research on your area or other mobile businesses. This will be very fundamental in helping you to assess the market need. It will also help you to establish what it is you need to do different so that you can attract a large part of their customers while building a name for yourself. If your intention is to appeal to a large demographic, then low fat ice cream or yoghurt should be something to consider.

Location is very crucial

Just as in any other business, location is the key when it comes to an ice cream business. You will need to be strategically placed so that customers can locate you with ease. Some hotspots for an ice cream shop include spaces such as parks where young children would hang around most of the time, near beaches among others. Also in places that experience warmer weather conditions, it’s common for ice cream businesses to do well.

Consider the equipment you will use

When you start an ice cream business, the equipment that you get is a very crucial thing. First, is the dipping cabinet. Ice cream dipping cabinet manufacturers avail these equipment to ease the sale of products as it is where most of your ice cream will be stored and will also maintain your ice cream at an ideal temperature. Cone dispensers and cone holders, ice cream scoops, freezer merchandise are others that you need to have.  You will also need furniture where people can be able to relax as they enjoy their ice cream.

With the ice cream eating culture that’s slowly creeping in all around the world, an ice cream business is a lucrative business idea. With proper planning, location and having the right ice cream dipping cabinet manufacturers at your beck and call, you are ready to reap the benefits. Visit for more information on equipment for your ice cream business.

Recipes that are easy to prepare and also taste wonderful

banana bread woolworths

Starting from the first sip of your morning coffee till the cup of milk that you drink before going to bed, you expect that whatever you eat or drink should be tasty. Taste is something more than what you think; it is a combination of several aspects of your sensory organs like the smell, touch and sight. At the same time, it is an accepted fact that the taste is also dependent on how you prepare the food. You may wonder that even fruits like bananas can make up for a wonderful recipe. Yes, the banana bread Woolworths has to offer have become popular in every menu in the New Year Tradition garden parties.

The banana bread is such a tasty recipe that many prefer the banana bread as against popular cakes and doughnuts.

Advantages of banana bread:

It is a fact that the food you take should be healthy, fresh and rich in vitamins and less on fat. Also, it would be advantageous if the cooking process is less cumbersome. On the top of these, the expenses for preparing the recipe should be affordable. From all these angles, the banana bread Woolworths has now can be an ideal choice.

Quality of ingredients matters:

Further, the ingredients that have gone into the making of banana bread Woolworths has been offering should be of superior quality. For example, the banana used in the making of the bread should be in accordance with the Codex standards published by the Government of Australia. Similarly, egg used in the making of this bread should be in accordance with the approved Primary Production and Processing (PPP) standards. Further, the egg should also be in accordance with the standards of Australia’s Egg Corp Assured which is a government accredited egg quality monitoring scheme.

Versatile Pavlova:

Apart from bread you may also look for desserts like Pavlova as well as scones. Preparing Pavlova is much easier and it involves less preparation. You may visit any of the popular bakers to know how to make pavlova or banana bread and such other unique recipes.  In fact, Pavlova is a versatile dessert and you can prepare it using nuts, fruits and so on. Click here for Country Chef

Recipe for traditional and Sultana Scone:

Like banana bread, scone is also a popular dessert in all types of events.  Scone is a variety of cake and it is also called as ‘quick bread’.  Scones are categorized into two namely traditional and Sultana Scone. The recipe for scones for both these varieties is common except that in the case of Sultana Scone you will have to use about 21% Sulatanas also called sultanina, in the making of this unique cake. The sultanina is a seedless resin which is normally used in the making of cakes and various other types of desserts as a pudding. Both these varieties of scones are popular not only for their taste but also for their aroma.

Here again if you want to know how to make scones then you may visit any of the reputed bakers or browse through their website The products from these bakers are available in most of the popular malls and supermarkets. The food is prepared under stringent and multilayered quality control mechanisms and in strict compliance with the Australian standards.

Pizza Chefs: A New Party Experience

Weddings, birthdays, children’s parties, and corporate functions are all important events that may prompt you to order for a mobile pizza in Sydney. To achieve their intended goals, these events need careful planning, organization, and execution of activities. You also have to consider the fact that while some opt to plan and organize such functions on their own, others find it important to hire an event organizer.

mobile pizza in sydney

When choosing to treat your guests in a special way with pizza as the main meal, Pizza Chefs is an organized company that specializes in making pizza for individuals and for corporate events. This company serves residents of Sydney and its surrounding areas, who would like to give their guests a unique food experience.

But you may ask just what makes a mobile pizza in Sydney unique? The answer is simple: Professionals from Pizza Chefs come right to your party venue and make pizzas as your guests watch. The product of their service is a tasty gourmet mobile pizza, prepared by professionals by using the best pizza equipment.

No matter the size of your event, this company makes fresh pizza on-site for you and your guests. With exemplary culinary knowledge on outside catering, food preparation, and food service – their chefs create each pizza skillfully that matches the taste of your guests.

The company’s mobile woodfire pizza Sydney is considered to be the best in Sydney, made by stretching and throwing the dough, and hand-working it into a ball to create pizzas with perfect bases.

The thrill of witnessing an open food preparation is what makes mobile pizza in Sydney a favorite in parties and in other important functions. Just to shed more light on the company’s pizza services, here are some benefits of hiring Pizza Chefs:

  • Professional chefs make excellent gourmet pizza Sydney. They come in their chef uniforms, all ready to perform the job to satisfy their clients. Their level of cleanliness and professionalism enhances clients to trust in the pizza they are just about to eat.
  • It saves time and resources. Prepared by professional chefs, pizza meals are prepared, garnished, and served faster in front of guests. This on-site preparation eliminates extra costs you can incur by ordering pizzas from another location.
  • It is an exciting and unique experience for guests. Many people often buy ready-made pizzas from fastfood shops. However, witnessing the actual process of making it just a short distance from where they are sitting gives guests a new food experience.
  • Their pizza services are flexible. Whether you are planning to have a birthday party for your child, a corporate event, or an important educational function – simply get in touch with this company and get a quote.

Organizing an important event requires energy, commitment, and finances to make it successful. When planning to host a birthday party or a corporate event, consider hiring Pizza Chefs to grace your occasion with wonderfully tasty and openly-prepared pizza meals to give your guests a whole new food experience.

For further knowledge, just visit

5 Tips for Choosing A Good Catering Service in Melbourne CBD

Melbourne CBD hosts a great number of events each year including corporate dinners, graduation ceremonies, family reunions, birthday parties and weddings among others. Food is a major consideration for most of these events. The quality, appearance and flavor of the food and beverages you serve can make or break your event. Experts in catering Melbourne CBD has these days are indeed many – choosing the right one can be daunting. However, it is the only path you have follow if you want to offer your guests a memorable serving during the event. So, what should you do in order to find the very best event catering Melbourne CBD expert? Check out the following criteria.

catering Melbourne cbd

Personal interests and responsiveness to your needs

A professional caterer will take time to learn about your needs during your first few conversations. So, you expect them to be listening and asking questions 20% of the time, and you outlining your needs and providing answers 80% of the time. He will ask questions regarding the event’s goals, budget, the purpose and your theme. Do not consider a caterer who does not ask questions about the event.

Ability to handle your specific type of event

Food catering Melbourne CBD professionals are not the same. Some provide services in all types of events, but some specialize in specific events. For instance, some caterers are great with elegance which is ideal for black-tie gala, some have exceptional Latin-fusion which goes well with themed events and some shine with barbecues that are ideal for company picnics. So, when interviewing your caterer, be specific about the event you are planning for and the type of food and drinks you are expecting. Otherwise, you’ll end up choosing a caterer who doesn’t fit the style of your event. Check out Essential Caterer

Flexibility with the menu options

Typically, every catering company Melbourne has today will have its own standard menus to choose from. However, many of them do provide the option of customizing these menus to fit to the specific needs of their clients. Even so, an outstanding caterer will go beyond his standardized menu and be willing develop an amazing fare that matches more specifically with your event and dietary needs. If the caterer hesitates to adapt his menu with your needs, that’s a red flag. Professional caterers are willing to handle special requests.

Is the caterer familiar with the venue?

You’ll be in for a surprise if you hire a barn wedding caterer to serve a high-end corporate event. Or, if you choose a take-out joint caterer to serve a formal ballroom fundraiser. Why? These caterers might not be accustomed to catering in such a venue. Some venues, such as historical sites and museums, have rules. A caterer who has worked in such a venue knows all the rules. For example, “No red wine” is a typical rule in historical sites.


Of course, it’s important to check the caterer’s reputation, and online sites such as Angie’s List and Yelp can be helpful resources. However, don’t stop there, track down some past clients and talk to them. A good caterer will be willing to provide a list of references. You will know if the caterer truly provides the best catering in Melbourne CBD, as he professes, by talking with past clients. For more details, just visit

What Makes Pork a Healthy Option

As many health-conscious people turn to being vegetarians today, they don’t quite realize that eating meat has its benefits too. Meat, particularly pork from Wales, are produced from the vast farmlands of Australia.

The misconception that pork is unhealthy roots from the most popular pork product which is bacon. After all, everyone loves bacon! Breakfast will not be complete without this traditional pork from wales. But welsh pork producers have varied offerings besides this. These can also come in the forms of pork chops or ham that can be cooked in a healthy way – through the oven rather than the frying pan.

What are the health benefits of pork? How can it be healthy for the body? Is there such a thing as a natural produce and if so, where can i buy organic pork? These are just some of the frequently asked questions that health buffs would like to be answered.

Read below and find out what you can get out of adding pork in the regular diet:

1. PROTEIN – All meats are known to provide sufficient protein for the body. Pork is a good source of this nutrient.  It helps produce muscle mass, fastens the growth and at the same time, repairs body tissue. Because of this, one can actually lose weight even faster. People on diets tend to remove meat in their food without realizing that it can be the secret ingredient to shedding pounds in the soonest time. Eating pork can satisfy the tummy longer, so an individual actually eats less in a day. This doesn’t mean that he/she will skip meals but the amount or intake of food is reduced. But since pork is also known to contain saturated fats, one has to purchase pork from wales that are lean.

2. CARBOHYDRATES – The body needs carbohydrates for strength and power. Instantly cutting this from the diet can lead to severe medical conditions. Pork can keep a person alive and energetic through the whole day as it supplies the body with the much needed fuel. For someone who lives an active lifestyle and balances numerous activities throughout the day, he/she needs to have a regular supply of carbohydrates. There are many sources of carbohydrates but pork is said to be a better option. Check out Porc.Wales

3. IRON –  The recommended supply of iron in the body can vary depending on the gender, age and also lifestyle. Women need a different supply compared to women. This also goes the same for the kind of pork product eaten. Roasted pork tenderloin is said to have the highest source of iron compared to the different kinds of pork products. Welsh pork is widely popular in the whole of Australia for the reason that it provides high-quality products.

So, “where can i buy welsh pork today?”. With the high demand in these products, consumers want to find out how and where it can be bought. Welsh pork is actually not imported in different countries but somehow remains to be exclusive in the country. Wales is known as a credible producer. For more details, just visit

French Food Can Enrich Your Taste Buds

Creating food delicacies has been in the history of France and hence, you would get Luxury French food with great ease here. It is known that some of the world’s best food comes from France and the sophisticated way in which these food items are prepared have made them more delicious. Now, sitting in Bangkok, if you are looking for French food, then you must search for an authentic French restaurant that has good chefs to create the French magic right in Bangkok.

Specialty of French food

You would always find a luminary draw towards French cuisine. The dishes are delicately prepared with exquisite perfection by the chefs who have learned how to use the different ingredients from France to create the magic; you call luxury French food. Dining at any French restaurant would make your taste buds full with the enigma that these foods have. You can enjoy the food along with wine that is a necessary assortment with any French food.

When you walk into a French fine-dining restaurant, you walk towards a space that is full of details and luxury. You would feel that the ambience is exotic enough to make you feel that you are on the cloud. It would make you feel that while the Maître d had escorted you to your table, you did not walk, you were floating!

The French are best in arts, and they do not leave behind the culinary art too. They believe that it is not only what you eat, it is the way you present the food to be eaten and hence, they make sure that every platter looks great. Obviously, it would taste good too.

Looking for a French restaurant with luxury food

If you had ever been to France, you must have tasted authentic French food there. Now, sitting in Bangkok, when you look for Luxury French food, you have to search for a place that is exquisite in itself and present food that would remind you of France immediately. You would get a number of choices; however, what you need to make sure is that they serve authentic French food and nothing else.

You have to make sure that you have taken care of a few things when you are planning to eat at the French joint. First is that you should visit their website, where you would find their menu. It would give you a good idea about the food that is served by them. Many websites would also mention the ingredients that are used in making those food items. For instance, if you order ‘black angus’ the ingredients used would be Black Angus from the Big Green Egg, truffle, chicory, smoked garlic sauce & bone marrow.

Next, French food dining would be incomplete with wine. Thus, when you visit the website make sure that you have gone through the wine section too. Most restaurants must present you with wine straight from France. However, you may still get some more options there.

Finally, before you land at the French restaurant, go through the reviews by other foodies. It would make sure that you are heading towards a good restaurant to enjoy French food.